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Welcome to our first official week of the Never Shock a Puppy (NSAP) campaign! I’m thrilled to be part of the 10-member blogging coalition dedicated to helping the Humane Society Boulder Valley raise $2,500 for their No Choke Challenge.

NSAP’s Goal

Spearheaded by Roxanne Hawn and Lilly at Champion of My Heart, we’re educating dog owners to use humane alternatives to those painful prong, choke, and shock collars. For helping HSBV with their No Choke Challenge, the donations will help purchase 165 humane collars/harnesses to give to those who turn in those harmful training devices. And, our NSAP coalition sponsors will add free prizes to the pot!

Every Wednesday for the next 8 weeks, check out the following sites for the main reasons why people turn to punitive shocking, wrestling, pulling, punching, pinching, and choking their dogs:

Our blogs will provide options for gentler, longer-lasting training methods to live in harmony with your pooches. Stay tuned!

Prizes Galore!

We’ll give away fantabulous prizes for 5 of the 8 weeks, including:

More surprises to come!

There are more prizes in store and if you want to donate to the cause, contact our fearless NSAP leader Roxanne, who blogs at Champion of My Heart.

Other ways to get involved!

1. Post our Never Shock a Puppy badge on your site using the code:

<a href=””><img style=”margin: 10px;” title=”nevershock” src=”” alt=”” width=”222″ height=”252″ /></a>

2. Post our Never Shock a Puppy donation widget on the sidebar of your site with the code:

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3. Blog about our coalition’s efforts, encourage people to visit the site and donate to the cause.

4. Share links to our Never Shock a Puppy posts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.

5. Comment on the Never Shock a Puppy site.

6. Buy cool shwag at the Never Shock a Puppy Cafe Press store.

Thanks for reading–I invite you to comment!

It’s here! With lots of hard work, along with a coalition of pet bloggers, my dog buddy friend Roxanne Hawn announced the Never Shock a Puppy campaign today on her Champion of My Heart Blog as part of the Be the Change effort. I’m excited to be part of this group!

In an effort to get dog owners to shed their pet’s shock, choke or prong collars and replace them with more humane alternatives (haltis, harnesses, flat collars), we’re joining the Humane Society Boulder Valley’s No-Choke Challenge to raise at least $2,500 in our Never Shock a Puppy campaign.

Starting September 1, 2010 and continuing for 8 weeks, about a dozen of us will be blogging every Wednesday about topics relating to why people turn to shocking, pinching, or choking, and how positive training methods work much better! As @psa2 said on Twitter: “If people only knew how ineffective shock collars are, they wouldn’t even bother. Educate yourselves, folks!”

The Never Shock a Puppy microsite outlines exiting ways you can become involved and, of course, all the goodies you can win by doing so! Be sure to also read related blogs at Champion of My Heart and Boulder Dog for more details.

As a dog trainer who has used aversive tools on my dogs in the past and seeing the poor results (yes, I admit to being naive before learning first-hand that positive methods work SO much better), this campaign is near and dear to my heart! Won’t you please be part of the change?

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