It’s a beautiful fall day here in Colorado! And it’s also our closing week of coalition blogging for the Never Shock a Puppy campaign. Throughout the  eight campaign weeks, we’ve raised awareness about why people choose shock collars and other aversives instead of helping their dogs change behaviors. We’ve raised money and given away prizes for those who donate and comment. It’s been exciting to hear about the creative and scientifically proven techniques all of the coalition bloggers use to deal with these important issues:

I’ve added several of the posted ideas to my own knowledge base; hope you did, too! Teaching your dogs cues of any kind can be rewarding and fun for both of you–what a great bonding opportunity! There are so many positive-reinforcement trainers to help solve any behavior issue, not just those listed here–please ask and we’ll find you one in your area.

Never Shock a Puppy On Dogtalk

If you’re still curious about the Never Shock a Puppy‘s mission, there’s more! Twitter’s #Dogtalk chat recently featured guests Roxanne Hawn (@roxannehawn), who blogs at Champion of My Heart, and Anna Bettina Johnson (@happyhealthypup), trainer and owner of Calling All Dogs. Interacting with Dogtalk’s audience, Roxanne and Anna discussed the mission, reasons behind the campaign, why trainers are crossing over from old-school techniques to pain-free methods, how the campaign is helping dogs and their guardians find workable alternatives to aversives, and fielded tough audience questions. Read the transcript here.

Donation Incentives!

We’re asking, no begging, for your donations to launch the Humane Society of Boulder Valley‘s upcoming No-Choke Challenge. (See more on the No-Choke Challenge page.) Although we gave away our Grand Prize last week, there are several fabulous donation incentives for those willing to chip in $50 or $75 or more.

I’m adding an incentive: If you live in the Boulder County area, Fang Shui Canines is offering a free 1-hour evaluation and consultation on any behavior issue if you donate at least $50! That’s right–free positive-reinforcement suggestions to help you and your pooch live in harmony! Or, if you aren’t in this area, I’ll match your donation if you donate this week. That’s how committed I am to the mission.

Take the pledge! Just click the donation button on the donation widget on the sidebar of this post to get started! If for some reason you cannot see or use the donation widget below, please visit the Never Shock a Puppy Donation Site instead. Then post the following on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site:

Just donated & took the #nevershockapuppy pledge because dogs deserve a pain-free future

Please Ask

Feel free to comment or ask questions on the Never Shock a Puppy site or here. We’d love to hear any concerns so we can help you, or how you’ve been working with your dog. Thanks for reading our coalition blogs (listed on the right sidebar of this page under the Never Shock a Puppy Coalition header.

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