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Right to the point: my favorite doggy boarding and training place, Canine Farm, is selling.

After over 10 years in the business, the compassionate owner, Carol, has decided to explore a different life path. Of course, I’m disappointed, as this was the only places my dog-aggressive Frisbee could go when I had to leave my dogs. He absolutely looked forward to being there! Carol had a way with these difficult dogs–and wow, did she get them! She was the best dog manager around. No wonder she’s burned out!

Not only that, Canine Farm was my training space. How could one not love to train in that environment–almost an acre of different fenced in areas and a renovated, heated garage, ready for any kind of sport or obedience classes–dogs loved learning there! They thrived! Alas, now I have to search for another location. Unhappy me. Unless the new owner leases me space–that would be ideal! Luckily, I can still use Canine Farm as my training facility until it’s sold.

Nonetheless–if you’re looking for a great space to live and work in the Boulder/Denver metro area–already approved for daycare and boarding by the Department of Agriculture–click on this presentation to lease or buy! 

Canine Farm Sale/Lease Specs and Photos

The property can be a great money-maker for anyone who wants to manage a dog business, with retail and dog care options.

Also included is a fantastic ranch house, with beautiful built-in sun porches and dog areas!

Caveat: Carol did not ask me to blog about this. I took it on because I love the place and want to help her out! She’s given Frisbee and Luna such wonderful times there. I’d love to see someone equally as able and compassionate with animals purchase the property!


We’ve been having a lot of fun over at Bark Out Loud Radio these days! Last Monday night, we talked about what we can do about puppy mills with our guest Kyla Duffy, founder of Up for Pups and author of a best practices manual for rescues. Her traveling show, Don’t Kill Bill, was a resounding success this past Saturday–sold out, and a the event received much acclaim! Photographer Jaime Rowe donated her time to take these fabulous pictures of the event!

Bark Out Loud Radio promises a great show again tonight, at 9:15pm EST (7pm MST), when two of my fellow  moderators, Mary Doane and Dr. Lorie Huston, talk about an important topic just in time for Valentine’s Day: “Matters of the Heart.”

Actually, it’s a discussion about heart disease in dogs. There have been so many advances in treatment of canine heart disease that it’s hard to keep up! It’s a great topic to find out about what problems your dogs may encounter in this realm.

The podcast is coupled with a chat, where you all can participate, ask Dr. Lorie questions, and talk about any issues or impart insights on heart disease issues. Sit back and listen to the podcast here, then join us tonight! See the Bark Out Loud Radio Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Ever since my dog Frisbee got a 5-second part in a medical training film, which we wrote about in December, he’s been trying to spruce up his appearance. I’m not one to dress up my dogs, so he has to find his own costumes.

Today he decided to try out for the part of a bag lady (he’s not picky about gender). I have no idea how he got into this particular outfit–or even where he found the bag (I’m not an Albertson’s shopper). But my boy is resourceful. Here he is, in all his glory! Whaddya think, Hollywood?


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