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Note: In March 2011, I blogged about Lacey, a beautiful tri-colored 2-year-old Border Collie from Western Border Collie Rescue when Petfinder ran their Adopt the Internet Day campaign. See the original post here, then read below for the rest of the story!


1 year 6 months, 2 weeks and 4 days.


It took that long for Lacey to find her forever home. Just yesterday, right after I got back from a Western Border Collie reunion, I got this message on Facebook from Lacey’s foster mom, Jessica Cumpsten:

“I just wanted to let you know that Little Miss Lacey got adopted!

Was that amazing news, or what? I couldn’t believe it–I had actually thought Jessica was going to have Lacey for the long haul. And the story got even more interesting.

“A very sweet and kind lady with three kids adopted Jobie [A more confident Border Collie who Jessica also fostered] in April. They have an older Border Collie and just lost their Golden, so they wanted to get a companion for their older girl. Jobie was their man! When they came to meet him, Lacey tugged at their heart strings. At that time, they spent half  their time (and half their treats) getting Lacey to come up to them.”















It was hard for the family to leave Lacey behind, knowing that she had a tough time coping in the world without Jobie. But Jessica gave them sage advice.

“I suggested they really focus on Jobie, getting him settled and see how he and their older dog bond before adding a 3rd dog to the mix. My fear was that Jobie would not bond as well to their older dog if he had Lacey distracting him all the time as, Jobie and Lacey were very good romping and wrestling buds.”


Lacey and Jobie Romping On Their Meeting Day




Jessica continues the story:

“The adopter said that Jobie and her Border Collie get along very well, but when she set up a play date with a friend’s dog, she realized that Jobie was missing the wrestling and romping  factor he had with Lacey, so they asked if they could take her for the day and see how things went. One day turned into three, and three has now turned into forever. The  family is very in tune to Lacey’s needs, and Lacey is surprising us all–she is actually going up to the kids for attention and even wants to sleep in the kids rooms at night!”

Timing is Everything

It was good timing, too. According to Jessica, Lacey had just started making leaps in sociability within the last three months. As if she knew that she and Jobie would reunite only if she made the valiant effort (although I don’t tend to believe that dogs know these things, it sure sounds about right in this case). For example, at the dog park about a week before the family decided to finally adopt her, she was randomly walking up to people for attention. Talk about leaps–amazing, considering her history.

Good Fostering Pays Off

Jessica deserves huge accolades in working with fearful Lacey for so long, making her more confident and skilled so that she could get adopted! How many of you would hold onto a foster that long, without either giving up or adopting her yourself?

Lacey was Jessica’s 18th foster–number 19 is coming next week. I have only good feelings about Lacey and any dog that Jessica fosters.


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