OK, I admit it. I feed my dog cereal for treats. Not all the time, but sometimes when we’re all hanging out together at breakfast, a flake or two will drop, and the begging begins… which brings me to this: I am a new contributing podcaster at Animal Cafe, a great animal resource that covers broad range of topics–including animal welfare, nutrition, pet travel, pet product reviews, wildlife, and seabirds. How does cereal fit into this gig?

One of my dogs’ and my favorite cereals is Barbara’s Puffins Multi-Grain. I was reading the back of the box a few weeks ago and discovered that there was an exotic bird called a Puffin, a little penguin-like bird. And an entire product was devoted to Project Puffin. In the company’s own words:

Why name a cereal after a Puffin? Employee inspiration. A longtime employee fell in love with these adorable seabirds during an Alaskan trip. It was the “ah-hah” moment when puffins the bird met Puffins the cereal. The rest is history.
We became passionate fans of Project Puffin, the Audubon Society’s efforts to restore puffins to their former habitat of Eastern Egg Rock off the rugged coast of Maine. Once plentiful on this rocky island, by 1973, when Audubon launched Project Puffin, the orange-footed swimming birds had all but disappeared.

What an interesting subject for a podcast! The back of the box also gave me a contact–Dr. Stephen Kress, vice president for bird conservation for the National Audubon Society and the leader of Project Puffin. I knew I had to talk with him about these adorable, but fiesty seabirds.

In our Animal Cafe interview, Dr. Kress provides the ins and outs of how he helped bring these seabirds back to Maine, and what Project Puffin is all about. Read more about the Puffins and take a listen to Audubon Project Puffin: From Extinction to Repopulation for some interesting facts!




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