Who can resist puppies? Oh so cute! Cuddly! As a dog-savvy person, you’ve probably been successful at raising a pup. But, as they say, it takes a village.

When my friend Beth in Utah asked me if I had reading and other material that would help her choose and raise a young dog, I was all over it. Wow, do I have resources! I love my favorite, dog-eared pet behavior and training books–numbering over 200! Then there are the my favorite DVDs, blogs, articles, handbooks, and and and… But what to choose for this situation, without overwhelming a neophyte?

I have my ideas, but I’d love to hear yours, so I can give her the best information possible.

Here’s the deal: Beth and her husband have never had dogs before; only cats. They aren’t sure what kind of pup they should get for their lifestyle; they just knows they’d like a young, two-to-four month old that would grow to “medium-sized, one who loves being a laid-back companion, one who likes hiking, but doesn’t need too much fast-paced exercise stuff.” Beth’s husband works 12-hour shifts, often at night, while she herself works at home. And, she wants a rescue, especially since she lives right by Best Friends Animal Society. They’re open to positive, reward-based training.

If someone asked you to recommend your favorite resources for those parameters, what would they be? I’d love to hear what I need to add to my library, too!

6 Responses to “Puppy Books and Resources: Your Favorites?”

  • I refer to Dr. Sophia Yin most often. She has a wonderful website full of great resources, and one day I came across this when looking for something to provide to families who were adopting from a litter of rescued puppies: http://drsophiayin.com/docs/articles/LucyLearns2Earn.pdf

    Unfortunately it can’t be printed or saved, but it can be bookmarked. I’m also in the middle of reading her book “How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves” (2nd edition) and it’s brilliant for having a good understanding of how dogs learn in general – from puppy hood on.

    • I love Dr. Yin’s work–so agree that her resources are stellar. I will definitely look for the article you suggested. I’ll also check out her book; I don’t have that one! Good stuff–thanks!

  • Kathy Killick:

    If the dog/pup is a Collie or Collie cross: ‘Understanding the Border Collie’ by Carol Price comprehensive readable and intelligent guide to why the pup behaves as it does, how to work with collie behaviour, basic training and further resources available.

    For help thinking about nutrition issues and all the information needed for giving the pup/dog a raw/home cooked diet ‘Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs’ by Lew Olson is as informative a guide as one could wish for.

    • Kathy, thanks for the suggestions. I have Border Collies, so that would be a good one for me, too! I have seen some of Lew Olson’s posts; she is very wise when it comes to nutrition. Thanks for your recommendations!

  • Actually I quite liked the one I started with: Dog Friendly Dog Training by Andrea Arden

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