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Learn About Treibball–Join The Fun!
What is Treibball? The latest dog sport around! And we teach it! You and your pooch will love it--any dog can play! See American Treibball Association for more information about the sport, local and national events, how to join the association, and where you can register for classes.
Upcoming Classes & Events
New classes, including Treibball, individual skills, group, Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R Puppy, are starting up again this month! For dates and times, check this space regularly, or call 720.432.6447. Be sure to check all class listings and private instruction options under the Services tab for descriptions.
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Whether it be preparing your pup for the big wide world or rehabilitating a recent, older rescue, you can unleash your dog’s hidden potential! At Fang Shui Canines, we teach you and your pooch how to build a meaningful relationship and acquire the appropriate confidence—all while doing what you enjoy. Whether it be sports, classes or private lessons, we can accommodate!

The Fang Shui Canines Team

  • Would you like your dog to be your running buddy?
  • Maybe you prefer a calmer pooch, strolling regally beside you on a leash?
  • Would you like your canine to greet strangers and other dogs with a happy wag, instead of a snarl or a lunge?
  • Perhaps you dream of the day when Fido will potty outside?
  • Do you simply thrill at the thought of Spot bounding back to you when you call his name?
  • Are you looking forward to your dog keeping her paws off the food-laden kitchen counter or ignoring the tantalizing trash?
  • Is your heart aching for Fluffy to be less fearful and more confident in social situations?
  • How about teaching Fido a great, new dog sport to help with bonding, communication, and problem-solving?

bodiehlOur customized coaching sets dogs up for success in a variety of scenarios, helping them put their best paws forward!

Fang Shui Canines uses the latest reward-based training techniques to come up with innovative, positive solutions for challenging behaviors. It may not be happening right now, but you and your canine will learn how to form a respectful relationship and bond, while communicating in the best possible way.

As Nicole Wilde, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and author who specializes in behavior issues, says: “Dog training should not be a battle of wills, but an ever-evolving dance of communication and cooperation.”

With our coaching, you’ll learn how to reward your dog for all good behaviors and ignore behaviors you don’t want. You’ll learn how to identify and manage your dog’s triggers. Your personalized program includes homework and video-taping of your sessions, making the training consistent and repeatable. Through these exercises, your dog will begin to crave learning–and your bond will last a lifetime.


To err is human. To forgive is canine. ~Anon