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Learn About Treibball–Join The Fun!
What is Treibball? The latest dog sport around! And we teach it! You and your pooch will love it--any dog can play! See American Treibball Association for more information about the sport, local and national events, how to join the association, and where you can register for classes.
Upcoming Classes & Events
New classes, including Treibball, individual skills, group, Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R Puppy, are starting up again this month! For dates and times, check this space regularly, or call 720.432.6447. Be sure to check all class listings and private instruction options under the Services tab for descriptions.
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Fang Shui Canines uses positive and reward-based reinforcement training for even the most difficult situations. We don’t believe in the dominance myth, where dogs and people compete for leadership. Dogs are not “stubborn” and “dominant” if they “misbehave.” They are not “mad” at you or “getting back” at you if they potty in the house, for example. They don’t have our sense of guilt!

We have successfully trained people and their dogs to live harmoniously since 2002. We provide lifestyle coaching designed specifically for your pooch, making your relationship grow. We’ve obtained dozens of happy clients through viral word-of-mouth recommendations!

Then and Now

After bringing home 13-week-old Frisbee, my Border Collie/Australian Shepherd, from the Humane Society Boulder Valley in 1999, I found out quickly that he was bullying other dogs! Not good. Since then, while volunteering in shelter’s training programs, along with immersion in intense education, obtaining training certifications, and belonging to professional training associations, we overcame most of his dog reactiveness issues by identifying his triggers and how to overcome them. He became a Treibball and Agility star. Before his death in 2012, Frisbee retired from his career as an Animal Assisted Therapy Dog–we went to hospitals, nursing homes, juvenile delinquent centers, and libraries (to help children learn to read).IMG_7495

Additionally, in 2002, I adopted a fearful blue Border Collie, Luna, from Nebraska Border Collie Rescue. We have overcome most of her variety of fears and phobias. She’s taught me a wealth of information about unconfident and worried pets. She now has fun playing with other dogs and people in a variety of environments. She enjoys K9 Nose Work, Tricks and Treibball.

Fang Shui Canines helps clients in dog behavior predicaments not only similar to Frisbee’s and Luna’s, but so many other numerous and varied behavior issues. Compassionate, humane, science-based training works. We collaborate with mentor trainers, and attend the latest workshops, classes, and seminars led by behavioral experts, including Nicole Wilde, Patricia McConnell, Trish King, Sue Sternberg, Jean Donaldson, Dr. Sophia Yin, and Ian Dunbar. My portfolio also includes behavioral modification certifications and case studies.


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