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Learn About Treibball–Join The Fun!
What is Treibball? The latest dog sport around! And we teach it! You and your pooch will love it--any dog can play! See American Treibball Association for more information about the sport, local and national events, how to join the association, and where you can register for classes.
Upcoming Classes & Events
New classes, including Treibball, individual skills, group, Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R Puppy, are starting up again this month! For dates and times, check this space regularly, or call 720.432.6447. Be sure to check all class listings and private instruction options under the Services tab for descriptions.
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Fang Shui Canines provides several types of learning options for your adult pet companion (16 weeks and older) in configurations that fit your lifestyle.

Classes are typically held at Rocky Mountain Dog Training in Broomfield.

Call 720-432-6447 for class schedules or individual training session at your home.


Modular, One-Hour Sessions

You can enroll your pooch in one-time or multiple-session classes to learn a particular cue or behavior. You don’t have to come to 6 or 8 weeks ofcomewhencalled - Copy classes—just pick what you need and come for as many sessions as you’d like!

You can enroll in a 1-hour session, where Fido will learn to:

  • Listen to you
  • Calm down and focus
  • Love a crate
  • Potty outside
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Lie down
  • Stop jumping
  • Politely greet people and other dogs
  • Walk on trails
  • Wait and stay on cue
  • Come when called
  • Leave objects or beings alone
  • Walk nicely on a leash
  • And more—you name it, we can teach it!

Classes: $20 per session of four or more classmates (maximum of six)
Private sessions: call for individual private session costs

Behavior Issues

Does Rover have issues that are more complicated than basic manner problems? Does he counter-surf? Chew everything in sight? Have separation anxiety? Blow you off? Does she react fearfully to people, dogs, or new situations? React aggressively to other dogs and people? Fang Shui Canines can help!

Studies show that dogs can change a behavior in approximately 8 weeks. For those 8 weeks, we teach you how to work positively with your dog. You’ll get a private consultation, homework, videos of you working with your dog, and additional material.

Cost: $45 initial evaluation fee, deducted from the cost of the 8-week package. Call for details.

AKC Canine Good Citizen
and Community Canine classes (AKC Evaluator #82079)
Here’s where your canine companion of 6 months or older can really shine! In these 6-week classes, we provide the training skills needed to receive the coveted Canine Good Citizen certification and title from the American Kennel Club. During these classes, you’ll receive training for the specified tasks your dog needs to perform in front of a certified AKC CGC evaluator (we are certified to evaluate your dog). The AKC CGC certification or title can help you continue Rover on the path of either being a therapy dog, or a model citizen in your neighborhood! Weekly handouts and official Canine Good Citizen handbooks provided. For more information about titling, click here.

Check out this AKC Canine Good Citizen blog post for real world reason to get your CGC training now!

You can also obtain Part 2 of the Canine Good Citizen training—Community Canine. After your dog has obtained a CGC certification or title, you can participate in the Community Canine course and certification.

Classes: $130 per dog, and $25 for the final evaluation from me or another CGC evaluator



Your dog will have a ball in the new sport of of Treibball! We incorporate games and tricks to make learning the game fun! Your dog will never have to compete, or we can prepare him for competing in sanctioned trials! See the Treibball tab for details! See a competition video by clicking here. Your dog can do this, too!