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Learn About Treibball–Join The Fun!
What is Treibball? The latest dog sport around! And we teach it! You and your pooch will love it--any dog can play! See American Treibball Association for more information about the sport, local and national events, how to join the association, and where you can register for classes.
Upcoming Classes & Events
New classes, including Treibball, individual skills, group, Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R Puppy, are starting up again this month! For dates and times, check this space regularly, or call 720.432.6447. Be sure to check all class listings and private instruction options under the Services tab for descriptions.
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TboneleaveitWant to have fun with your pooch? Does your pal get cabin fever when he’s stuck inside? Trick and puzzle classes are for you! Not only are they fun, but tricks help your dog learn appropriate manners and behaviors. They challenge your dog’s mind in varying degrees of difficulty. Fluffy can learn play trickdead, roll over, head down, high five, touch, shake hands, speak, twirl, and so many other fun things that will both entertain and make you proud!

Start trick training as early as 9 weeks’ old–we make it fun by using praise and rewards in short sessions (to keep their focus). A few¬†minutes each day will have your dog begging for more! After Fluffy learns a trick, you can even add it to our Fang Shui Canines Tricks channel on YouTube. Stay tuned for our Tricks Video Contest!

Cost: $20 per hour class of four or more; call about individual sessions.

Make a trick training appointment today by calling 720.432.6447.

Watch T show off his first trick ever!

Watch Milo show off his newly learned agility trick!